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camera person


Graduated from Donetsk National University in his specialty «International Economics», but later he was engaged in independent learning the cameraman profession while shooting ads and music videos. He made several promotional works for PRP, JETSET, JAMI, Progression while working with agencies PhilipMorris, Mobil, Legrand. Acted as a cameraman in a number of documentary projects for The Telegraph (England). He has got gold award IPA Competition 2016 for his street photos album "Swahili Land", which shooting took place in Kenya.


  • What a New year!, Dir. М. August, 2015.  

  • Interesting situation (short). Dir. Т. Efimova, 2017

  • Positive energy (short). Dir. D. Fomin, 2017.

  • Songs of Abdul. Dir. А. Moiseenko, 2017. 

  • Silent victims. Dir. A. Gatenby, The Telegraph, 2018.

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