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Documentary film (in production).

Timing: 90 min.

Director: Anna Moiseenko.

Camera: Maxim Alyokhin, Elena Shalkina.

Production: Cineminers.

Lake Baikal, Siberia. Renewable biological resources of the Lake are on the verge of fatal exhaustion. Since 2017, the industrial fishery is prohibited. Arthur Murzakhanov, the former military, was recruited to protect the Lake against the poachers. He created a group of "Baikal Poach- busters", but local people do not want to let him into their territory.

The project was developed with the participation of The Heinrich Böll Foundation, The Daria Khlestkina Grant, Baltic SeaForum for Documentaries (Riga, Latvia), Flahertiana Forum (Perm, Russia), Delay Film (Moscow, Russia). 


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