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camera person


In 2011 graduated from the Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Film and Theatre (Moscow). She made dozens of reports for foreign TV channels, such as GGTN, TRT, CNA, ITN  etc., while being an operator and editor.


  • Dmitry Sirotkin (Russia, 2011, camera person)

  • The Russian Soul (USA, 2012, camera person),DocUtah, 2013, winner Best Student Feature Film 

  • Names on the map (Russia, 2013, editor)

  • Stas (Russia, 2015, director, camera person, editor)

  • "Faithful Ruslan" incredible story, performance by Turchaninova Masha, Theater Pokoleniy, (Russia, 2015, video projection’s director)

  • Songs of Abdul (Russia-France, 2017, camera person)

  • All Around (documentary series, Great Britain-USA, 2019-2020, camera person)

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