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video designer


He is engaged in a motion design, compositing and acts as a visual effects supervisor and 3D-generalist. He was engaged in Boolat Games, Radioaktivefilm, BabichDesign, GRAD studio. Creates a graphic design for the Nickelodeon channel.


  • Moscow, I love you!, 2009 (visual effects supervisor).

  • Brigade: Heir, Dir. D. Alekseev, 2012 (CG artist).  

  • Metro, Dir. А. Megerdichev, 2012 (CG artist).

  • While the fern blooms, Dir. Е. Bedarev, 2012 (3D-generalist). 

  • Rhytm in Me. Dir. N. Konti, 2016 (visual effects supervisor).

  • Angelic Magica. Dir. К. Pulgar-Vidal, 2016 (CG artist).

  • Sonora spirit. Dir. А. Rybnikov, 2017 (CG artist).

  • Clouds, CINEMINERS, 2017 (CG artist).

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